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Stem Cell COPD Treatment

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Stem Cells as the Building Block to Alternative Treatment for COPD

Stem cells serve as the building block for survival, it sets the foundation for every living being. They help in the formation of every tissue or organ in the body, which is unique from other cells, while they can still self-renew and replicate constantly.

Its flexibility provides another distinctive property when compared to other cells as their ability to create tissue for an organ different from their originating organ which is essential to their benefit in regenerative medicine.

How does Stem Cells Help in COPD Treatment?

Stem cell treatment helps to improve the lung functions that has been affected by chronic lung disease. Stem cells can help create differentiated cell, which means they can actually develop into any organ or tissue in the body, which proves their flexibility in the medical field. Due to their self-renew capability, they are ideal for improving body organs, thereby reducing the effect of damaged organs.

There are two alternative treatment to COPD and other lung related disease. These alternatives help to decrease the potential of rejection and undermines any possible controversy about stem cell therapy.

The two unique alternatives include: bone marrow and venous (blood-derived).

The treatment method used for COPD is determined the patient’s health history and their present condition. The recommended treatment method would be suggested during a physician consultation. Stem cell treatment targets target the damaged organ, reinforcing function and improve lives.

The Minimal Invasive Process

Depending on the method recommended by the physician, the stem cells would be extracted from the patient’s body either through bone marrow or blood. These cells are isolated by a professional, and almost immediately, the stem cells are given back to the individual intravenously. Now, the stem cells can begin to improve the healing of lung tissue, helping patients to breathe easier and bring their life within reach.

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