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FDA approved COPD Inhaler

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FDA approved COPD Inhaler

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently approved a new medication named Stiolto Respimat, to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The medication which combines two existing COPD drugs with matching effects into a once-daily inhaler was developed by Boehringer Ingelheim.

In most people with COPD, the airways have become narrowed, damaged or partially blocked. One of the best treatment is to expand the airways, allowing oxygen to make its way farther into the lungs where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the rest of the body.

This medication creates a smooth layer of muscle to line the airways, expanding and contracting to control the size.

The medication is made up of two COPD drugs- Tiotropium and Olodaterol.

Tiotropium, which is the first drug approved, aims at the nerves that make these muscles contract. When these nerves are blocked, the airways expand.

The second drug, Olodaterol, helps to take advantage of this situation. When the muscles are relaxed, it activates the body’s adrenaline system, which forces the airways open. Oldoterol is a short-acting medication, providing relief in 5 minutes.

Trials prove that combination of these drugs is more effective compared to using either of them alone. Every medication has one of these drugs mixed with a steroid to reduce swellings. The Stiolto Respimat is the first to provide a combination of both.

This medication comes with handheld inhalers which are to be used once a day.

Giving a new option:

Although the Stiolto Respimat provides a combination of two drugs, it can serve as an effective new option for doctors looking to help manage their patient’s condition.

Dr. Albert Rizzo, who is the senior medical advisor to the American Lung Association and section chief of pulmonary/critical care medicine in the Christiana Care Health System, in an interview with Healthline, said “It does offer us and our patients options,”

Some signs that show that you may be experiencing COPD include:

        tightness in your chest

        wheezing, whistling, or creaking sound when you breathe

        shortness of breath, especially when exercising

        A persistent cough or a cough that regularly brings up mucus

If you feel you may be having CODP, speak with your primary care physician to determine how best to solve this situation.