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June, 2017
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How to Treat COPD Naturally

How to Treat COPD Naturally?

Are you currently in a battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)? Continuous coughing, sneezing, or loss of breath? You are not alone. COPD is a progressive disease which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis, and is a condition with no cure in sight. Many COPD patients have been using some treatment methods like inhalers, oxygen supplements to suppress symptoms. But, how do you treat this disease naturally?

Natural COPD Treatment

Unfortunately, for patients suffering COPD, it’s a progressive disease, meaning it deteriorates over time. Most patients rely on traditional treatment methods like drugs, inhalers and more to suppress the symptoms of this disease. However, they all come with their side effects. Here are some options to help treat COPD naturally without stress and pain:

Quit Smoking: This is just straight forward. Smoking has a negative effect on your lung’s health. Now imagine smoking while battling with COPD, it certainly won’t make things easier. You should find help to kick the habit away and you would be surprised at how better you could actually get.

Improved Air Quality: The quality of air in the places you spend your time can really affect your health. You can improve your air quality by keeping humidity low and your home well-ventilated. You should also make sure all appliances are vented to the outside. Opt for natural cleaners as household cleaners, grooming products, air fresheners and even pets can worsen the symptoms of your COPD.

Reduce Your Salt Intake: The more salt you consume, the more water your body retains, and with retained water, the more difficult breathing becomes. Keep track of your daily water intake and try to avoid high-salt foods.

Vitamin D: While there are different views as to the benefits of different vitamins in relation to COPD, Vitamin D has received lots of positive remarks. Recent studies by Belgium scientists show that vitamin D levels are often low in COPD patients and vitamin D supplementation can help increase respiratory muscle strength.

Managing COPD is a lifelong task; it involves constantly looking out for effective treatment methods to help relieve symptoms. Though you may have to struggle with some effects of this disease, it does not mean you are helpless when it comes to trying personal treatment methods.

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