COPD treatment Blog Scientists discover natural therapies treat COPD 6/15/2017 10:45:10 AM Scientists discover natural therapies treat COPD

At the national meeting of the American Thoracic Society (ATS), which is currently was held in Denver, much of the research presented has dealt so far with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

COPD is a progressive disease that is characterized by some miserable symptoms which include constant coughing which causes the gathering of mucus along the airways and wheezing and leads increased difficulty in breathing.

Caused primarily by smoking and long-term exposure to irritants and pollution, COPD is a major cause of disability and the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. The disease prevents sufferers from partaking in their daily activities. And there is currently no cure in sight. Patients have been relying on some traditional and natural treatment methods to relief symptoms.

But here comes an unexpected good news from the ATS meeting.

In two separate studies, scientists have announced a breakthrough that can profoundly help people suffering from COPD. And the treatments are not from Big Pharma but involve a vitamin and an ancient natural treatment.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been using a paste known as the Xiao Chuan, or XCP, for years now to help with breathing difficulty and asthma. The primary ingredients of this paste are natural plants which include Ephedra vulgaris, Asarum heterothropoides and Acorus gramineus Soland.

Mainstream medicine has now found out that they actually work with Beijing scientists finding out that XCP can reduce these potentially dangerous winter exacerbations of COPD.

"We had performed observational studies of XCP which had shown the paste decreased the frequency of COPD exacerbations, but this study is the first randomized controlled trial showing the effectiveness and safety of XCP in the prevention of COPD exacerbation," study author Yongjun Bian, MD, clinical researcher in the respiratory department of Gunag'anmen Hospital in Beijing, said in a media statement. "These data confirmed the beneficial effect of XCP on the prevention of winter COPD exacerbations."

To test its effectiveness, researchers worked with 142 research subjects who were randomized into two groups. One group received either XCP, the other received a placebo paste. Both pastes were applied to the same acupuncture points four times during the eight-week period of July and August.

"Treatment with XCP significantly reduced the frequency of winter exacerbation compared with patients treated with placebo," Dr. Bian concluded in the media statement. "XCP patients experienced statistically significant reductions in steroid use and episodes of shortness of breath, and XCP patients also reported an improved quality of life compared to those treated with placebo."

In another study, Belgium researchers revealed that vitamin D deficiency is a common feature among patients with COPD and the use of vitamin supplements may significantly help patients with the breath-robbing disease.

"Our study shows that high doses of vitamin D supplementation on top of a standard rehabilitation program improve the outcome in terms of exercise capacity and respiratory muscle strength," Miek Hornikx, physiotherapist, and doctoral student in the department of pneumology at the Katholieke University of Leuven, Belgium, said in a press statement.

The research team studied 50 COPD patients with a history of exacerbations who had been referred for rehabilitation and randomly assigned them to receive either a monthly dose of vitamin D or placebo. Patients receiving vitamin D were given 100,000 IUs (international units) in a monthly dose (far above U.S. recommended daily allowance of 600 daily IUS of vitamin D).

And what was the result? The patients treated with vitamin D showed substantial improvement in exercise capacity and respiratory strength compared to those in the placebo group.

"These results support the idea that correcting vitamin D deficiency by adding vitamin D supplements to training programs allows COPD patients to achieve better results from rehabilitation, including improvements in muscle strength and exercise capacity," Ms. Hornikx concluded.

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How to Treat COPD Naturally 6/15/2017 10:43:55 AM How to Treat COPD Naturally?

Are you currently in a battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)? Continuous coughing, sneezing, or loss of breath? You are not alone. COPD is a progressive disease which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis, and is a condition with no cure in sight. Many COPD patients have been using some treatment methods like inhalers, oxygen supplements to suppress symptoms. But, how do you treat this disease naturally?

Natural COPD Treatment

Unfortunately, for patients suffering COPD, it’s a progressive disease, meaning it deteriorates over time. Most patients rely on traditional treatment methods like drugs, inhalers and more to suppress the symptoms of this disease. However, they all come with their side effects. Here are some options to help treat COPD naturally without stress and pain:

Quit Smoking: This is just straight forward. Smoking has a negative effect on your lung’s health. Now imagine smoking while battling with COPD, it certainly won’t make things easier. You should find help to kick the habit away and you would be surprised at how better you could actually get.

Improved Air Quality: The quality of air in the places you spend your time can really affect your health. You can improve your air quality by keeping humidity low and your home well-ventilated. You should also make sure all appliances are vented to the outside. Opt for natural cleaners as household cleaners, grooming products, air fresheners and even pets can worsen the symptoms of your COPD.

Reduce Your Salt Intake: The more salt you consume, the more water your body retains, and with retained water, the more difficult breathing becomes. Keep track of your daily water intake and try to avoid high-salt foods.

Vitamin D: While there are different views as to the benefits of different vitamins in relation to COPD, Vitamin D has received lots of positive remarks. Recent studies by Belgium scientists show that vitamin D levels are often low in COPD patients and vitamin D supplementation can help increase respiratory muscle strength.

Managing COPD is a lifelong task; it involves constantly looking out for effective treatment methods to help relieve symptoms. Though you may have to struggle with some effects of this disease, it does not mean you are helpless when it comes to trying personal treatment methods.

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]]> Holistic Treatment for COPD 6/15/2017 10:41:05 AM Holistic Treatment for COPD

CODP which means Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a term used to describe progressive lung diseases which includes emphysema, chronic bronchitis, refractory asthma, and some forms of bronchiectasis. It is usually characterised by increasing breathlessness.

People who suffer from this disease experience discomfort and fatigue from exacerbations, making it hard for traditional treatment options like inhalers and corticosteroids to work efficiently. These treatments come with different side effect like weight gain and infections. With this in mind, there has been a call for more holistic treatment methods, especially in the field of holistic medicine.

Known as the whole treatment of the entire body and mind and used to treat specific disease, here are some holistic COPD treatment methods to improve healing:

Natural Holistic COPD Remedies:

Since holistic medicine has to do with treating the body itself in order to treat a disease, in the case of chronic lung disease, different natural remedies may be used to create airway clearance and reduce mucus. Some of these remedies include:

1.     Ginger which reduces congestion and improves lung circulation

2.     Elecampane which helps to relieve cough

3.     Osha root which also reduces congestion

4.     Rosemary which contains healing vitamins A and C, and minerals calcium to help improve blood circulation.

Natural Supplement:

There are a lot of vitamins and nutrients that can be used to help reduce inflammation while improving natural breathing from within. Some of these supplements include:

1.     Vitamin D- is a sun-derived vitamin which has been proven to improve lung function

2.     Bromelain- found in pineapple juice, it is believed to reduce inflammation and work efficiently for COPD relief.

3.     NAC- this antioxidant improves reduces inflammation, cough and phlegm.



Diet and Exercise:

A healthy diet and very good amount of exercise goes a long way in improving our health in general. It is sometimes the best option for patients of COPD who already suffered from limited mobility, because exercise can be the simplest.


The effect of acupuncture cannot be overestimated. It relaxes the muscles and also allows better respiration. When people with COPD uses acupuncture, it has been noticed that they far less breathless.

Stop Smoking:

This is the most effective treatment method you can use to fight against COPD. This is because when we quit smoking, we improve our overall health. Smoking does not just have negative effect of your body inside out, it also cuts your life span short, and making the ones you have left very difficult.


Although being diagnosed with COPD can be quite frustrating and unsurmountable, the major step is to get a COPD screening and lookout for effective ways to treat the disease headon.

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]]> Help Cure COPD 6/15/2017 10:39:39 AM Help Cure COPD

Chronic lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) means more than a simple decline in one’s ability to carry out even the most basic tasks. As the disease progresses, there will be an incremental breakdown of the lung’s airways and passages, which ultimately creates respiratory complications that will keep increasing over time.

Although the description of this progress may seem dark, it is important to know the seriousness of each stage so as to be able to prepare and confront it.

In the fight against COPD and other lung related disease, the biggest obstacle is time. As humans, time is the greatest resource we have, simply because we can choose to do anything we want with it– up to and including the management of your health and well-being.

However, we know how complex it is to discuss time in relation with COPD Life Expectancy. Therefore, understanding your disease and knowing its progression and acting quickly to help maintain your quality of life is a very important step.

COPD Life Expectancy:

Gauging one’s life expectancy in any field of medicine is not an exact science. A person diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live may well live for just 3 months and in some cases, may also live for years. The progression of diseases in different bodies vary.

COPD diagnosis uses a staging system known as the GOLD COPD Stages. With this system, the severity of one’s disease progression is checked using metrics such as your forced expiratory volume in one second reading (FEV1), which is collected during your pulmonary function test.

The GOLD COPD stages are broken down into four major stages, and the general breakdown of life expectancy is as follows:

  • Stage I- Mild COPD (predicted normal life expectancy is common)
  • Stage II- Moderate COPD (predicted 5+ life expectancy with treatment)
  • Stage III- Severe COPD (predicted 5+ life expectancy with treatment)
  • Stage IV- Very Severe COPD (predicted time is limited even with treatment)

When increasing one’s life expectancy, the major emphasis is avoiding any form of negative or respiratory-harming conditions like smoking while closely following the prescribed treatment regimen of your primary physician. As many who develop COPD typically fall within stages II or III, there is a need for treatment to maintain a desired quality of life while extending your life expectancy as long as possible.


How Do I Extend My Life Expectancy?

The major step to extending one’s life expectancy is to consult your doctor to know the best treatment plan for you. Below are some tips that may be used in combination with your doctor’s prescribed treatment plan that can help you feel better.

Quit Smoking: Smoking has a negative effect on the general wellbeing. Unless you quit smoking, the internal damage to your respiratory health will only keep progressing. Although quitting can be difficult especially when its already a habit, it’s important to the forming of a healthier life.

Change Your Diet: You should change your diet to better promote a healthier life and increase the energy within your body. Eating a well-balanced diet provides your body with all the nutrients it needs to regulate your organs and keep you healthy.

Exercise Regularly: Exercise is very important for the body; it keeps the heart pumping. We don’t mean you should hit the gym. This means allocating sometime during the week to take a walk, you can just stroll to your mailbox, to the end of the street, etc. You can set a goal and challenge yourself to beat it. However, you should not be taking long walks as a start.

Know Your Treatment Options: When fighting COPD head on, it is wrong to address the disease without a proper treatment plan. There are different treatment options available to tackle COPD, ranging from stem cell therapy, to inhalers, steroids, to supplemental oxygen. You should consult your doctor for the best treatment plan for you and make sure you adhere to it.

COPD life expectancy can be disheartening but you should see it as a guidepost to make a few changes that improves your lifestyle. The biggest factor in managing one’s health is making swift decisions that affects your health positively.

With a few changes in some lifestyle behaviours, you should be experiencing some positive changes with COPD symptoms. However, when lifestyle changes fail to improve your quality of life as expected, it may be time to consider stem cell therapy. Rather than addressing the symptoms of lung disease, stem cell therapy works directly on disease progression, helping to improve quality of life.

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]]> COPD Treatment 6/15/2017 10:36:37 AM COPD Treatment

Those diagnosed with COPD and have been given a clear expectancy of their life has one major concern- treatment. There are different natural treatment methods for COPD today, but to make a decision on which method to use for your present condition, you should have a full understanding of each method.

With the variety of methods ranging from traditional medicine to natural treatment, having a clear understanding of your health, lifestyle and the efficiency of each treatment is critical to making the best choice.

With your health in mind, we have come up with some of the best treatment methods to help making a choice easier for you.

Traditional Medication: This medication involves the normal medicines like pills, inhalers and supplemental oxygen. The pill-based medication has proved to be effective with patients who suffer from pulmonary fibrosis. The Inhalers are used for relieving symptoms- either long term or the long term. The oxygen therapy involves the direct delivery of oxygen through the nose tube which works to relieve shortness of breath.

Surgery: When looking out for treatment for COPD, some patients may consider surgery as a logical choice, especially if their disease stage is advanced enough- either stage 3 or 4. When considering the surgical options, there are primarily to options: the lung transplant and lung volume reduction surgery.

The lung transplant comes with incredible benefits as the diseased lungs are replaced, giving the patient a new lung providing a better respiratory function. Patient who have successful transplants experiences huge changes in respiratory functions. However, lung transplants are expensive and the cost of the immunotherapy drugs can be ridiculous.

Lung Volume Reduction surgery, on the other hand, involves the removal of some parts of the lungs that are not working properly. By doing this, the removed parts allow other parts to function more effectively and ultimately improve breathing process. As with every invasive surgery, LVRS can have some risks despite its benefits. Many people who suffer from COPD are not qualified for this CODP treatment. To be an eligible candidate, you will:

·       Have severe emphysema that does not respond to medical therapy.

·       Be younger than 75 to 80 years old.

·       Have not smoked for at least 4 months.

·       Have reasonable expectations of surgery results.

Natural Treatment: This is mostly considered when traditional treatment options appear not to be working, too expensive, or the side effects outweighs benefits and when surgery appears too expensive or dangerously invasive. Natural alternative offers more efficiency, cost saving, and safety. It uses natural body healing mechanism to treat COPD.

When making a choice on the right COPD treatment to go for, you should be sure to have an in-depth knowledge of each treatment process, benefits and side effects.