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COPD Rescue Inhalers

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COPD Rescue Inhalers

Treatment for COPD comes in various types and forms. Some medications can be taken in form of capsules or pills, while some are inhaled as mist or powder. Each medication has its way of working, which makes it important to know the working method of each medication so as to get the best out of them.

Controller and Rescue Medications:

Some people diagnosed with COPD are expected to take medicines every day, even when their breathing goes well. These medications are called controller medication. They are long-acting inhalers expected to work in the long term, keeping your lungs open to helping to breathe easy and active every day. They are also used to avoid being sick with breathing problems that may need you to stay in the hospital.

Rescue medications, on the other hand, works immediately. They provide immediate relief, usually within a minute. Rescue inhalers are very effective, however, waiting for your lungs to get tight then rushing in to apply a rescue inhaler is not the best practice when treating COPD. We recommend you follow your medication schedule and move around with your controller medicines, even when your breathing is at its best.

You should keep track of long your inhalers last, showing a respiratory health professional how you use them and learn the best technique to apply them so as to get the best benefits from your inhalers.

You should also note that all medication has their side effects. Therefore, we recommend that you speak with your health care provider to know more about COPD medication and how to get the best out of them.