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COPD Natural Treatment

When you live with chronic diseases like the chronic lung disease, it can be frustrating to find the treatment option that works best for you. This is because everyone is different and conditions affects us in different ways. With this, it becomes pretty hard to know what to try and what to avoid as it can add extra stress to an already stressful situation. While there are several traditional treatment options for people with COPD and other chronic lung diseases, some natural COPD treatments can also be helpful.

What are natural COPD treatments?

Natural COPD treatments, also known as holistic COPD treatments, are alternative ways to treat lung disease naturally. This treatment method includes lifestyle modifications, dietary supplements, herbs, acupuncture and chiropractic.

Acupuncture is one holistic COPD treatment option which has been proven to provide relief from some of some patient’s symptoms. It is a Chinese medicine which involves the placing of thin needles into strategic points on the body. Some other natural COPD treatment are:

·       Herbs like Peppermint, Oregano, Turmeric and Osha Root can help with COPD symptoms and reduce inflammation.

·       Dietary Supplements such as Vitamins D and E, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Eucalyptus is used to reduce inflammation and expel phlegm, clearing the lungs.

·       Stress Reduction– By reducing stress levels, you promote relaxation, which makes breathing much easier.

·       Exercise– Increase exercise tolerance, improve lung function and improve oxygen levels with gentle exercises like walking, yoga and Tai Chi.

·       Eat Healthy– Eat foods rich in antioxidants like grapes, blueberries and nuts, and make sure to eat a balanced lung-healthy meal.

What are traditional treatments for COPD?

The traditional treatment methods for COPD includes medications, inhalers, oxygen therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation, and for severe cases, lung reduction or lung transplant is used. Although these options can extend your lifespan, they only treat the symptoms of the condition and not the condition itself.